Welcome to Uganda!!!

“For magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion of brilliant life, bird, insect, reptile, beast, for vast scale, Uganda is truly “the Pearl of Africa”,” are the words that were described by Winston Churchill in 1908 and with no doubt I want to say, “Welcome to Uganda!!!”. Uganda has a variety of wildlife ranging from gorillas, chimps, flora and fauna, reptiles and rare bird species like the shoebill, the African jacana and so on. Come and get nature’s greatest feel with the lovely sceneries, mountain, recreational, museum, cultural, archaeological, monumental, fort and religious attractions.

Experience the freshness of the air that blows from the numerous waterfalls, lakes, islands and rivers that will make you get the real splendid feel of a typical “Welcome to Uganda!!!”. Most times you will never know what wonders really lay on the other side of the world unless if you discover them yourself or hire a partner who will help you get this never forgetful experience.

A road side trip to some of the many natural attractions that Uganda holds will make you discover the country’s hidden treasures. The many cultural attractions spread out in many places clearly set the line why some people in certain areas fancy certain foods, dances and speak certain languages while some will prefer doing other things and activities not forgetting the different festivities. In all, they have one thing in common, that is very good hospitality and because of that, the rise of lovely kingdoms and clans has made cultural attractions on the rise and worth giving a visit with a lot to learn. You can only get this unmatched splendid experience once you come and set foot on the Ugandan soil, trust me, you will be so amazed and thrilled with what you will discover, thank me later…!!

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