Safari Offers : Uganda whose diverse landscape encompasses many touristic geographies such as National Parks like Murchison falls, rain forests like Bwindi, primates like gorillas and chimps and immense water bodies like Lake Victoria and numerous bird species makes it an ideal touristic destination to discover the wonders of this great land.

Winston Churchill, an early explorer published his book “My African Journey” in 1908 referring to Uganda as the “Pearl of Africa” having been fascinated and inspired by the discovery of the numerous insects, wild beasts, birds and reptiles that existed in Uganda tagging the name “Pearl of Africa” to it.

At Njugu Tours, our group tours are organized for persons between 2 to 6. You can also design your own customized tour and we will instantly get back to you in 24 hours. Accommodations can be hotels, lodges, tented camps or camping. The specified accommodations may be changed to different accommodations with the same standard based on the availability factor.