The spectacular falls at kisiizi find their source in the Lakes in the south of Uganda on the Kyabamba River before travelling through fertile valleys then falling some sixty feet at kisiizi causing a spray that captures the hot Ugandan sun creating beautiful rainbows that cascade like fire over rocky pools.

During the period before Christianity took hold, there was a Bakiga Tradition of throwing any bakiga girl who had become pregnant out of wedlock to her death from the top of Kisiizi Falls as an “act of cleansing” (although the boys that got the girls pregnant in the first place went, as seemingly ever, unscathed). It is understood that some 1000 girls met their death in this way, although the practice had stopped in 1958 not least because one of the final girls who was thrown to her death managed to grab hold of her brother and take him to his death as well. (Some claim the figure is higher at 100,000 although based on available population data that would suggest that many of the girls were thrown over the falls two or three times each.)

Today the Kisiizi Falls are a popular tourist attraction, although somewhat off the beaten path as kisiizi itself is only connected to the major road way via a dirt track but that’s part of the beauty of Uganda, wild, natural, uncommercialised and unspoilt. Those visiting can also take in the spectacular wildlife, not least its magnificent array of birds that can be seen around the falls including the arrow-marked babber, the Ross turaco, sacred ibis and double- toothed barbet.