Baha’i TempleKampala. It is called the ‘Mashriqu’i-Adhkar’, the Persian translation for the dawning place of the praise of God. It is also the Mother Temple of Africa. Built about 50 years ago on Kikaya Hill, four miles from Kampala on the Gayaza Road, the Baha’i Temple soars above every other landscape. The peace and quiet in the lush gardens beckons hundreds to always travel to Africa’s only Baha’i Temple.

Hundreds of tourists on holiday come to picnic, lounge and gracefully wander through the peaceful gardens for long hours, the tourists constantly return as if seeking spiritual refuge from this mystical world marred by inhuman anties like savagery, immorality, prejudice, hatred and jealousy. While seeking for peace and harmony in the beautiful gardens visitors also find heaven and make a covenant with God.

The Baha’i Temple is a popular birding spot. In the evening, the delightful songs of the birds charm the lounging tourists and visitors in the garden. Like a choir of angles, they sweetly sing proclaiming the glorious destiny that awaits the human race.