There is a little place hidden straight off the Kampala – Entebbe highway that only the dare go to, a place filled with things that the brave love frolicking with. With lush green gardens, you will not expect to be jumped at by something that has been supposedly man’s enemy for generations and generations of the human life span.

This is the Uganda Reptile Village, a place that you would not expect to go for a holiday in Uganda, yet one of the most thrilling places to spend a whole day learning about these misunderstood creatures that usually stay hidden objective was to educate people about reptiles and at the same time have a habitat they can learn about the many different species that can be found in the country.

At the Uganda Reptile Village you will be sure to find a number of reptiles indigenous to Uganda such as: snakes, chameleon, tortoises, monitor lizards and of course the crocodiles. They are all kept in their respective cages with the crocodile enclosed in a huge pond and like most African countries, any time snakes or crocodiles are found they are either captured or killed and this village provides a safe haven for this poor creature.