The famous Kampala Snake Park was started about 8 years ago when Ms. Charlotte Nankunda was given authority by the Uganda Wildlife Authority to start up the park. It is now one of the major tourist attraction found in the country. Kampala Snake Park is also home to over 20 species of snakes kept in about 22 cages. Most of the snakes here were displaced from their habitats by the human population and some were brought in from Kenya. The snake shelters were built using the ‘masengere’ brown stones, these rocks do not produce a lot of heat but instead provide the snakes with a cool, moist atmosphere that all snakes, even from different climatic conditions live well in. inside these cages, you will see grass, tree branches, sand, stones and a pond of water so as to give the snakes a sense of nature.

The snakes here include Jameson’s mamba which is a fast moving and secretive tree snake, the forest cobra, African rock python, bush viper, olive snake, twig snake boiga, green mamba, rhinoceros viper and some leopard tortoises, most of these are venomous.