Matia Mulumba was by the real name called St. Mathias Mulumba, a Musoga by tribe from Bunya sub-county in Busoga region, Uganda. His biological parents are however not known but his adopted father was Magatto of Edible or Cane Rat Clan (Musu). Mulumba was the oldest of all the martyrs because by the time of his martyrdom, he was age 50 years.

Mulumba died the most brutal and most lingering death of about 3 days (from the afternoon of Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th may 1886). His limbs were cut off from his body, strips of flesh were cut from his back and left to die at old Kampala. St. Matia Mulumba Church in Kampala district is where he died and at present day, a church is erected at this spot in his remembrance. There are other memorable facts that lay at the church that will give any visitor a clear understanding why the saint chose to die at this spot.