Lake Wamala is a fresh water Lake in Uganda, its wetlands contain endangered species of birds and animals including the Sitatunga, the Lake is a traditional cultural significance to the people of Buganda in central Uganda.

The Lake is shared by the districts of Mubende, Mityana and Gomba in the central region of Uganda. Lake Wamala covers an area of approximately 250 square kilometers (97 sq mi). It is dotted by many islands, including Lwanju Island, Mabo Island, and Bagwe Island, Kiraza, Kazinga, among others. Several rivers flow into the Lake, including the River Nyanzi, the River Kitenga, the River Kaabasuma, the River Mpamujugu, and the River Bbimbye. The Lake is drained by the Kibimba River into the Katonga River, which in turns drain into Lake Victoria. The Kibimba River, however, is highly seasonal and for much of the time its course remains essentially dry.

Lake wamala is of significant economic and cultural interest locally and is jointly administered by the districts of Mubende, Mityana, and Mpigi, each of which share a part of the Lake along common borders.