Lake Victoria is one of the African great Lakes. The Lake was named after Queen Victoria by the explorer John Hannington Speke, the first Briton to document it. Speke accomplished this in 1858, while on an expedition with Richard Francis Burton to locate the source of the Nile River. With a surface area of approximately 68,800 square kilometers (26,600 sqmi), Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest Lake by area, the world’s largest tropical Lake, and the world’s second largest fresh water Lake by surface area, after Lake superior in north America in terms of volume, Lake Victoria is the world’s ninth largest continent Lake, containing about 2,750 cubic kilometers of water.

Lake Victoria receives its water primarily from direct rainfall and thousands of small streams. The Kagera River is the largest river flowing into this Lake, with its mouth on the Lake’s western shore. Lake Victoria is drained solely by the Nile River near Jinja, Uganda, on the Lake’s northern shore.