Sempaya hot springs are found in the Semuliki national park and are in two places the first one is called the male and second is the female. The hot springs have tremendously attracted a great number of tourists in Uganda. An hour- long track to the outer, “male” hot springs takes you through a spot of woodland where the grey-cheeked mangabeys, red-tailed monkeys and the black-and-white colobus monkeys among others are regularly seen.

There is a tree house on the way which offers a clear aerial view. On the other hand, a 30- minute walk via the palm forest from the main road leading to the inner, “female” hot spring, characterized by the boiling spring. Here, eggs and banana can be cooked instantly for consumption by hungry hikers in the blistering waters! These amazing hot springs that can boil at very high temperatures of up to 103 degrees Celsius, have a spurt shelling up 2 meters from a wide hole of about eight meters.