Mabira Forest Reserve lies on the main Jinja to Kampala highway, approximately 56 kilometers from Kampala and 24 kilometers from Jinja, Situated in Buikwe district. Mabira forest has been protected as a reserve since the year 1932. It sits on an estimate of 306 sq km and is slotted among the last remaining rain forests and of course the biggest forest in central Uganda.

It harbors variety of primate species like the vervets, red tailed monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabeys plus more. Mabira forest reserve shelters over 320 bird species including the grey long bill and the cassinis hawk eagle plus more, approximately 100 species of moths, 221 species of butterflies, plus more species of nature.

Mabira Forest Reserve is a very huge and beautiful forest with a stretched visitors trail network. There are currently over 10 forest trails that cater for tourists of various time schedules and abilities. This forest project was initiated with help from the European Union in the year 1932. If you are planning a safari to Uganda or tour to Uganda then this forest stop over you should never neglect. It simply has a lot to offer in terms of nature and wildlife, of course not forgetting its activities and exceptional forest accommodation. At the forest, it’s possible to extend your adventure to sezibwa falls and enjoy another chapter of tribal history in the episode of your stay in Uganda.