Kasubi Royal Tombs: located in the urban setting 5km to the southwest of Kampala. In 1882, Kabaka Mutesa relocated his palace to Nabulagala hill and re-named it Kasubi Hill after his birth place some 50km away and when he died in 1884 Kasubi hill was abandoned in accordance with the ganda custom upon the death of the king who was then buried there.

Mwanga who succeeded him established a new capital at Mengo hill but when he died in 1910 in break from tradition, Kasubi rather than Mengo was the burial place of Mwanga and after him more kings, the tomb of Daudi Chwa II who ruled from 1879 to 1939 and Edward muteesa II who died in 1969 in exile in London but whose body was returned to Uganda in 1971 are at Kasubi. Constructed in the original palace of Mutesa, it contains several huts of ganda traditional architecture built from poles, reed, thatch and bark, the tombs have an enviable collection of relies from a royal past such as artefacts which range from traditional by various wives of the kings who were polygamous, but today by descendants of long dead queens many of the wives of the various kings, their sisters and relatives are also buried here but not in the main palace. The tombs are a UNESCO world heritage site.