Nyero Rock Paintings is located near the town of Kumi District, it’s close to a little village called Nyero. Here, you find three rock shelter and these have some of the oldest art in the country. They have the oldest rock painting in Uganda as old as Stone Age. The Nyero Rock Paintings are believed to have been made by the earlier settlers in the area. Currently, it’s the Itesot People who live in the area, but there are stories and tales that some little people, abit like the Batwa who were in that area before the Itesot settled there.

Regardless who drew them there, the rock paintings are simply amazing and a thing to admire. There are a number of people who travel to Nyero to look at these paintings and explore the three caves that contain the drawings. If you have an interest in archaeology, then the Nyero Rock Paintings are a site to be visited. If you climb up on top of the shelter, you will see some great view of the surrounding area and might find a few monkeys some birds and a few reptiles.