Birding in Uganda, a hidden treasure

Uganda is a birding paradise with over 1,061 confirmed species of birds as of August 2019. Birds of Uganda have several categories of occurrence other than regular residents and migrants which include; accidental (species that accidentally occur), introduced (species that are introduced as a result of human actions), endemic (species which are native to Uganda) and hypothetical (present species but not yet documented).


Uganda’s remarkable bird diversity can be attributed to its location between the East African savannah with migrant birds normally present from November to April. Birding in Uganda is possible throughout the year since the main bird interest lies in the resident birds. Before taking on the birding activity, taking into consideration the climate is a major factor not to skip.

There are a number of National parks in Uganda that are suitable for bird watching or for any related bird safaris in Uganda and these include; Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, Budongo forest, Rwenzori mountains, Lake Mburo, Bwindi, Mgahinga, Tooro Semuliki wildlife reserve, Nyamuriro swamp, Kyambura wildlife reserve, Ziwa rhino sanctuary and these have a wide array of common birds and specials. Uganda is the place where you will find the finest montane forest birding experience, adventure and catch a glimpse of several bird habitats.

Uganda’s numerous and ever increasing bird numbers has resulted to the birth of a number of birders and bird enthusiasts. Njugu Tours has not accepted to be left out on this wave and organizing scheduled birding safaris has become one of our specialty. With our team of dedicated and professional birders, you will get that authentic experience and adventure of Birds of Uganda. The benefits of birding include; it develops patience, quickens reflexes, builds a sense of community, allows for introspection and contemplation, will get your children to go outside and explore, can improve cardiovascular health and will give you an excuse to travel hahaha!

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