Terms And Conditions

1. Booking


1.1 Upon receiving your deposit of 40% of the safari Tour fee, your booking will be confirmed. You will then be invoiced the balance fee of the Safari Tour which must be payable not later than 4 months before the start of the safari tour.

1.2  And upon signing our booking form you will indicate that you have accepted our terms and conditions.


2. Payments


2.1 In case of a Safari tour which involves Gorilla  or chimpanzee tracking, a full payment of the Gorilla or chimpanzee permit will be required to be made in advance in order to make a reservation.

2.2 Payments will be made by bank transfer through the company account, Visa Credit card or by the company payment plan.


3. Rates & Fee ( Prices)


3.1 The company shall reserve the right to change prices quoted in the event of factors beyond its control e.g. foreign exchange rate, fluctuations, e.t.c

3.2 In the event that the a new Safari Tour fee exceeds 10% of the old fee, you may be free to cancel your booking and you will be refunded the full amount of the money paid minus the insurance cover premium.

3.3 However no additional changes will be made less than 4 weeks before the beginning of the Safari Tour except in the case where bookings made during that period where additional charges may be made and including the date on which the Invoice is issued, otherwise efforts will be made to avoid any changes in prices.


4. Accommodation


4.1 In case confirmation of your choice of accommodation as per agreed itinerary cannot be guaranteed due to late booking or unforeseen circumstances, then another or similar class accommodation will be confirmed and communicated to you and any other big changes.

4.2 Any upgrade shall attract a surcharge and shall receive an equivalent charge refund.


5. Complaints


5.1 Complaints concerning the safari tour may be brought immediately to the attention of the Tour manager, so that they may be handled. If by the end of the tour you still feel you have a valid complaint you must notify the company within two weeks (14 days) of the end of the Safari tour.


6. Cancellations & refunds


6.1 Should you intend to cancel your booking you will have to notify us in writing through our official email address.

6.2 We shall not refund any money for unused services, late arrivals or No-show ups.

6.3 Gorilla and chimpanzee permit fees are non-refundable

6.4 If we cancel your safari tour, due to certain circumstances like war, Extreme weather conditions, riots e.t.c, all refunds and compensation will be made BUT limited to the money you paid us and we will not be liable for any expenses you might have incurred as a result of this booking.

6.5 In case you cancel your booking after you have paid for the Safari tour in full. A cancellation fee will be charged (depending on the date on which your written notification is received by the company). The refund will be expressed as a percentage of the Safari Tour price As stated below.

60 days and more 10% Cancellation fee
59-32 days before the Safari Tour begins 50%  Cancellation fee
31-8 days  before the Safari Tour begins 75%  Cancellation fee
7- 3 days  before the Safari Tour begins 100%  Cancellation fee

7. Insurance


We strongly recommend that you take a travel insurance policy before you travel. This is to cover you fully against unforeseen circumstances in case of emergencies like falling ill during the safari tour and this should also cover your evacuation if you are in a remote area should there be a need.

8. Liability


While all care and caution has been taken by us or agents or subcontracted agents, through diligence, insurances and government laws, regulating authorities, the company accepts no liability as to costs, damages, injuries, death, cancellations of flights including time factor due to tight itinerary or any other factors that may occur from various factors like weather, riots, political unrests, natural factors, accidents or any other matters or issues beyond our control.

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