Njugu Tours Uganda

Njugu Tours Limited is an adventure tour company organizing scheduled, customized safari tours and treks in the pearl of Africa, Uganda. Njugu is a Swahili word that means ground nuts. Ground nuts in East Africa have proven to be a very good source of protein and help one to stay fit and protected from chronic illnesses as this can be evidenced by the numerous meals that are being prepared with the ground nut paste in a number of East African delicacies, sauces, soups and meals not needing or requiring any frying providing a salivary tongue dropping sensation of a true and typical delicious natural African meal accompanied with any food like chapati (Locally baked delicacy), posho (Mingled maize flour), matooke (Mashed or peeled whole bananas), kalo (Mingled combination of millet and sorghum flours), potatoes (Boiled), cassava (Boiled) name it.


To become the best safari tour company in East Africa, respected and relied on by customers and different partners.


To provide market friendly safari tours that meet the expectations of visitors who want to visit Africa.


  1. To organize and provide market friendly and efficient safari tours.
  2. To promote and ensure a high level of professionalism both in the organization and in the services to we offer to tourists.
  3. To provide tourists with authentic, educational and quality experiences for example by creating opportunities for them to interact with locals in a spontaneous manner.
  4. To conduct market research and identify places and activities of touristic interest for example dance, cuisine, art, local music and use them in a sustainable manner for tourism development.


  • We are an innovative, agile and quality conscious team of resourceful people with a dedication to be the best while never loosing the key that our clients have valued us for our attention to detail.
  • Our customers are an extension of our own families and we ensure that comfort, safety and happiness are realized by our clients.
  • We continue to strive to set a precedent for a honest, fair and cost efficient business.
  • Our employees are provided with a pleasant working environment in which they can grow, feel valued and respected for their contributions.


Njugu Tours Founder



With humble beginnings and the passion I have for tourism, I am privileged to present to you Njugu Tours Limited. As an indigenous Ugandan, I am committed to promote Africa by providing professional safari tour services along with my dedicated team of tour professionals.

Njugu Tours Staff


Senior Tour Consultant

Lawrence is a senior tour consultant with vast knowledge in tourism and experience of ten (10) years and over. He is an accredited tour consultant and has provided his vast knowledge and skills to countries like Uganda, Rwanda and the world over.

Njugu Tours staff


Travel and Public Relations Manager

Molly is a tourism graduate with a scope of vast knowledge on tourism and customer handling techniques. She will feel you in on our tour services at any time.


Marketing Staff

Joshua is a very jolly gentle man with a sharp and open mind. He has a catching eye for tourism and its one thing that he keeps talking about quite frequently and often.


We have a dedicated team of well trained tour guides. They are very supportive, friendly and give you a great feel of Uganda’s beauty. We keep up to date with the changing trends in Uganda’s tourism and provide up to date safari tour services


a) Why us?

We provide custom and tailor made safari tours hence creating unique, original, new and innovative itineraries.

b) Quality of service

Our designated team will meet you before and after your trip. You will be fully briefed with travel information  about how to go about with your trip. We are a very flexible and listening team and your feedback evolves us for the better.

c) Support

We provide safety tips to our visitors, provide a 24 hour contact line  for emergencies and client privacy is one of our highest priorities.