A simple look at Gorilla tracking and Humans

The overall evolution of Gorillas and humans is more less the same and there is a very little difference as this can be dated from way back during the evolution times. The comparison between Gorilla tracking and humans dates between six to ten million years ago and this explains the evolutionary origins of evolution of humans.

Humans are an evolutionary branch of the primate species family and this can be evidenced by the close interaction between humans and the gorillas through the numerous Gorilla tracking and trekking activities.

Because Gorillas do not speak or may not understand human languages, proper care, safety and protection has to be given to them since there are no set ambulances to care for their health and well being yet they need to be conserved for generations to come.

Bwindi impenetrable national park is home to roughly 400 of the world’s endangered species, half the world’s population including several habituated groups. Bwindi provides an epic Gorilla tracking experience through its thicket and treks can be done to watch these gorillas play and feed.

Feel the cool breeze of the forest, hear the numerous lovely bird sounds and mingle with mother nature and get to real Experience Africa differently.

So, you need  to get introduced to a new friend, please come Gorilla track and discover for your self some of this planet’s wonders and trust me, you will appreciate this lovely continent!!!

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